Our Foundation

Stating to yourself each and every moment that you are breathing, "iAmGr8nes." clarifies that your Happines is the most valuable Gem in this world and nothing or no one can take that from you. iAmGr8nes is a defining lifestyle that is developed through self evaluation and the understanding of Genuine peace. One who seeks to be the Gr8es they can be must understand the foundation to who they are and use it as a fueling source to embark on the journey that is set upon them. We as divine beings are destined to be everything that we dream of and most importantly, standing true to who we are throughout the process. When conquering your succes, the Gr8es feeling is knowing all the things you had to endure to get where you are and loving the fact that you never gave up on your journey. Though many complex experiences will occur, growth must take place. Discover what makes you Gr8 and we will uplift you all the way through!

Our Mission

Is to create an inclusive and secure community, by cultivating skills through mentoring, education and community engagement.

While embracing this journey, we strive to mold the characteristics throughout every nation.

  • Honesty

    Purity is the coherence through life. By nurturing and honoring your given purpose you embrace the route to your truth. The respect and understanding, first starts with you.

  • Integrity

    The quality of being honest and Gaining strong principles through self evaluation. To uphold a sense of respect and understanding of yourself which shines lite through your character and purpose.

  • Happines

    Your most valuable Gem to discover is Genuine happines, which comes with an inner phase of releasing the Gr8er self. To find purpose in your existence and with a smile through your spirits, you embrace everything that you believe in.

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Tev Beck


iAm a spiritual being who connects through nature, takes adventures on my bike and believes that no fry gets left behind. Trusting in my purpose and happines, has gifted me many experiences with facilitating the youth and my peers through mental empowerment exercises, outdoor activities and just learning our way in the world. I believe we all are legendary to our own path and we deserve a supportive community while embracing our Gr8nes. 

Cesar Salazar Gómez

Medellin, COL

iAm an outdoor lover, an ice cream addict and a young spirit with many years of practice, who wanders towards Growth and contemplation. iAm a Facilitator of learning experiences, coming from the idea of Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn, supporting people on their development processes through different strategies and aiming to foster better communities. I personally believe that each person has a Gr8 potential and we all can achieve our happines when acting from our personal truth while building our Gr8nes.